Wait, who’s got the gate?

That would be me! I’m Laura, a 30 something barefoot farm girl with a town job. I live on a small farm in central Missouri (my idea of heaven), with my husband of 20 years, Travis, and our two children, Katie and Zane. Katie is nineteen, and off to college, while Zane is just turning seven and ruling the roost. We hand-built our own little log-cabin together, and we’re just trying to live close to the land and raise our kids the best way we know how.232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv48;7=ot--36-=3-8=348=XROQDF-28794-539-257ot1lsi

This blog is an outlet for my love of writing, and my fun place to store my random lines of thought, farm happenings, and the occasional recipe I come up with. 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our little life for a bit!


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Running the gate on the ranch gives plenty of time for deep thought and reflection on why we live the life we do. The sleepless nights, the achy muscles, the stress and worry of ranch life, it all comes down to the life lessons…

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