Cozy Box Swap!

cozy-box-swapSo it’s possible that I have been living under a rock, or maybe it’s because I’m a new blogger, but I had never even heard of “swaps”, much less participated in one. BUT, I did my first swap a month or so ago (#ccbeautyswap) and thought it was just too cool. So, I’m diving headfirst into another one that sounds ohhh-so-perfect for me! It’s a #cozyboxswap2014 and here’s the deal:

The Swap Objective:

Winter themed swap to keep you cozy throughout the winter. Get to know your partner and send items that they would like. This box should give off a cozy feel. Send favorite items, Christmas stuff, hot drinks, inspirational items, ornaments, fall/harvest themed, etc. Etsy or other handmade shops would be perfect for this.

The Rules:

Open to US residents, 18 years old & older.
•$20 minimum before shipping.
•Tracking numbers are strongly recommended. (If you buy postage online from USPS the tracking number is free.)

•You must post a blog post prior to sign-ups closing with the swap button letting others know about the swap.
•Please use #cozyboxswap2014 on all postings.
•If you don’t send a package you will be blacklisted from all future swaps.

Important dates to remember:

Sign-Ups Close: Friday, November 7th
•Partners Sent Out: Sunday, November 9th
•Packages Must Be Shipped By: Monday, November 17th
•Reveal Link-Up Opens: Friday, November 21st

If you’re interested, go check this swap out, you might just get hooked like me, and get the opportunity to meet awesome women and bloggers from around the country and even the world!


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