Timing – #cozyboxswap2014

Sometimes, all you can do is look up, smile and say “I know that was you, God.” Well, God coupled with a super-cool new friend who also happens to be a redhead named Laura…coincidence? I think not!

Ever just have one of those days where you are tapped out, frustrated and feeling over-worked and under-appreciated? Yesterday was ‘it’ for me. On the drive home from a long work-day, I was feeling burned out and (there’s no other way to put it) positively pissy. I’m normally pretty even-keeled and die-hard positive, so I tried to mutter my usual litany of positive things to myself in an attempt to re-set my attitude, but the stress seemed to have a strangle hold on me and it felt like an avalanche of negativity was flooding my consciousness.

It didn’t help that our part of the country has been locked in a deep freeze for the past week or two, and although I’ve been trying to keep a good attitude about winter, I truly, deeply, madly….HATE. IT. I’m not crazy about working in an office as it is, so when I get home, I want to be outside. And by “be outside” I mean able to function out of doors without fifteen layers and frozen digits. So this night I was frustrated at a long day in the office with no breaks or “outside time”, and yet I wasn’t looking forward to hours of chores in the freezing cold, either.  A happy camper I was not.

Then I get home. And I get the mail. And this was in my mailbox.


A package just for me! Not the usual packages that typically come, with tools or things for the kids, but a bright, shiny, adorably wrapped box, all for me! And even better? A box filled with cozy, wonderful, happy things that had one purpose: to make my winter a little brighter. My #cozyboxswap2014 had arrived. And let me tell you, never was there better timing than that box.


I only told my box swap partner a few things about myself, but she nailed it. Every single item was perfect.


I dug into my box like a kid at Christmas and right on top was a beautiful card, with a note in it hoping I was doing well (while reading I was thinking to myself “I wasn’t, but I am now, thanks to you!”). My box included some delicious orange tea, a yummy popcorn ball, a big thing of bath fizzies, a heavenly mulled-cider candle, a pink travel mug, and my absolute favorite, not one but TWO infinity scarves in the most incredible colors that go perfect with my hair and my skin tone.  For this occasion, I actually took a selfie to prove it.

See? Favorite colors! 🙂

Bonus: You can wear each scarf separately, or they actually go perfectly together!

Most of the time it’s so easy for me to be thankful for each and every thing I have, and I’m not usually a “retail therapy” kinda girl, but this time, on this day, I desperately needed a pick-me-up, and that little box of goodies sure did turn my whole day around.

Thanks to Lipstick & Tractors for sponsoring the #cozyboxswap2014, and pairing me with such a kind and thoughtful partner like Laura! Please check out and follow her blog here: The Suzie Lou Blog.

Happiness and Hoofbeats,

The Gate Girl


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