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Mini-Mules and the Devil

One thing we’ve never been short of in our twenty year marriage is adventure. One of my favorites happened in the winter of 2011, and it all started with an ad spotted in the local paper: “Team of Mini-Mules, Complete with Harness and Wagon”. Our close friends, Wes and Melissa, already owned several mules, which they loved dearly and thought highly of. When Wes spotted the ad he decided this one-of-a-kind opportunity warranted investigation. So on a cold early December day the four of us packed into a vehicle and did just that.

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Timing – #cozyboxswap2014

Sometimes, all you can do is look up, smile and say “I know that was you, God.” Well, God coupled with a super-cool new friend who also happens to be a redhead named Laura…coincidence? I think not!

Ever just have one of those days where you are tapped out, frustrated and feeling over-worked and under-appreciated? Yesterday was ‘it’ for me. On the drive home from a long work-day, I was feeling burned out and¬†(there’s no other way to put it) positively¬†pissy. I’m normally pretty even-keeled and die-hard positive, so I tried to mutter my usual litany of positive things to myself in an attempt to re-set my attitude, but the stress seemed to have a strangle hold on me and it felt like an avalanche of negativity was flooding my consciousness.

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Photo Courtesy of Pine Grove Photography by Shawn Yospin

With the closing of October also comes the end of our CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) season. Mounted shooting is a passion shared by our entire family, and we all four participate in competitions across the Midwest (and occasionally beyond) nearly every weekend from March through October. For those seven months, we live, eat, breathe and sleep mounted shooting. I don’t quite know how to convey how privileged we are to have this sport, the incredible athletes we get to call our equine partners, and the truly spectacular people that are involved in it, but let me try.

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