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I overheard someone say the other day “Thank you for giving me my wings.” I didn’t think a lot about that statement, but apparently my subconscious did, because I went home, went to sleep, and had an interesting dream in which I told my mentor just exactly what he had done for me, and my life. And when I woke up that’s when it occurred to me. Maybe he doesn’t know. I’ve never been great at verbal communication, writing is my gig, and maybe there are others out there that haven’t put a lot of thought into making sure that special person knows exactly how special they are. Or how important it is to just tell them. To say it. Just to make sure. So. This is mine, and this is me encouraging you to do the same.

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Photo Courtesy of Pine Grove Photography by Shawn Yospin

With the closing of October also comes the end of our CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) season. Mounted shooting is a passion shared by our entire family, and we all four participate in competitions across the Midwest (and occasionally beyond) nearly every weekend from March through October. For those seven months, we live, eat, breathe and sleep mounted shooting. I don’t quite know how to convey how privileged we are to have this sport, the incredible athletes we get to call our equine partners, and the truly spectacular people that are involved in it, but let me try.

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