The Best DIY Christmas Gift!

Every year, through those months of November and December, my husband invariably comes home with goodies after a long workday. Everything from baked goods, to book marks; as a professional horseshoer, he is blessed with some amazing clients! Because of this, I try to have items for my husband on hand to give out to his clients in return.

This past year, I found this super-cool recipe for Cowgirl Cookies, a mason jar DIY recipe, here at Bakerella, and they were an absolute smash hit! These are a basic chocolate-chip, oatmeal pecan cookie mix, stored and presented in a decorated mason jar. They have super simple directions printed right on the jar label, to add three ingredients, mix and bake!

They met all the requirements I needed them to; fun to make, cute and fun to present, reasonable cost, they could ride in a truck for a few days without spoiling, and they felt substantial as a gift. Plus, how can you beat something homeade that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen each night making? Not the greatest photo, since I wasn’t blogging when I made these, but this is how mine turned out:

2014-10-24 15.21.15

Here are the directions in a simple, printable pdf: Cowgirl Cookies.


And also, check out the super cute label that Bakerella designed!

Download the printable pdf here: Cowboy Cookies Label.

I also had to alter  these a bit, so I could use a different color scheme. If you don’t want to use pink and brown, either, here is a link to my version: cowgirl cookies.

Voila! Western DIY Christmas Gifts in a flash! I also gave these to folks in my office, and received rave reviews for the recipe. I was also told how fun it was for my boss to make these with his grandchildren.

Happiness and Hoofbeats,

The Gate Girl


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