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Need a Dose of Christmas Cheer?

It’s so rare that I have these, that I want to shout it to the world. I’m talking, of course, about moments of brilliance. While brainstorming on how to run a cool and engaging Facebook contest on our small-business page (www.facebook.com/ranchbrands) it somehow came to me exactly how to do it.

Stick with me, I’ll give you some background on why I am pretty tickled with myself…It’s our insane, rush season for all small businesses, but it’s also the time of year to tell all those incredible customers THANK YOU. It’s hard to keep the Christmas spirit, and look at December 25th as anything other than a deadline we need to have orders delivered by, but I’m always determined to do both. Thus my self-proclaimed moment of brilliance (I’m kidding about the brilliance part, but I do love this idea, and it will probably become OUR Christmas tradition). The contest we opted to run was simply “Tell us your Favorite Christmas Tradition” to be in the running for one of two $50 gift certificates. It’s pretty hard not to get in the Christmas spirit and remember the reason for the season when reading through these incredible posts. Here are my favorites, just TRY reading these and not smiling!

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The Best DIY Christmas Gift!

Every year, through those months of November and December, my husband invariably comes home with goodies after a long workday. Everything from baked goods, to book marks; as a professional horseshoer, he is blessed with some amazing clients! Because of this, I try to have items for my husband on hand to give out to his clients in return.

This past year, I found this super-cool recipe for Cowgirl Cookies, a mason jar DIY recipe, here at Bakerella, and they were an absolute smash hit! These are a basic chocolate-chip, oatmeal pecan cookie mix, stored and presented in a decorated mason jar. They have super simple directions printed right on the jar label, to add three ingredients, mix and bake!

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