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Delicious Gluten Free Pizza

Ok, I’m coming out of the closet. I have a gluten allergy. I spent several years in denial, stuffing myself with bread, and having recurrent health problems, before I finally got a blood panel done that confirmed the diagnosis. I spent the interim, waiting on the results, thinking that I had an autoimmune disease like lupus. If you’ve ever known someone who had lupus, or even googled it, you’ll know why that was a terrifying proposition! When I finally learned what was causing my illness, my reaction was “That’s IT?! That’s so easy to fix!” Although I was that person who could (and would) eat bread for my entire dinner, it’s all about perspective. Even now, every time I’m tempted to reach for that dinner roll, I remember all over again that my health could very well could be out of my power. And when I remember that…well… that dinner roll doesn’t seem quite so tasty anymore, and I sure don’t bother feeling sorry for myself.

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