Delicious Gluten Free Pizza

Ok, I’m coming out of the closet. I have a gluten allergy. I spent several years in denial, stuffing myself with bread, and having recurrent health problems, before I finally got a blood panel done that confirmed the diagnosis. I spent the interim, waiting on the results, thinking that I had an autoimmune disease like lupus. If you’ve ever known someone who had lupus, or even googled it, you’ll know why that was a terrifying proposition! When I finally learned what was causing my illness, my reaction was “That’s IT?! That’s so easy to fix!” Although I was that person who could (and would) eat bread for my entire dinner, it’s all about perspective. Even now, every time I’m tempted to reach for that dinner roll, I remember all over again that my health could very well could be out of my power. And when I remember that…well… that dinner roll doesn’t seem quite so tasty anymore, and I sure don’t bother feeling sorry for myself.

So. I’ve dived head-first onto the gluten-free bandwagon, out of necessity, and it occurred to me that there are others like me that might benefit from my favorite brands and/or recipes. My absolute favorite food was (and still is) pizza. I’ve tried every single packaged, carry-out and pizza crust mix out there, and the one I keep coming back to is Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix. It comes in a little bag like this one (below) at my local grocers. It’s not the cheapest, but I promise it’s the best.


You simply mix it with water, oil and eggs, let it rise for a few minutes, and bake it for about 7 minutes before you put the toppings on. I have traditionally made homeade pizza a few nights a month for my family, and I would use my bread machine to mix up the dough. This really isn’t any harder than that was, and I have discovered the absolute BEST bonus..the rest of my family even likes it! 😉

IMG_20141029_110646 Right out of the oven, hot and fresh!

Happiness and Hoofbeats,

The Gate Girl


One thought on “Delicious Gluten Free Pizza”

  1. Another gluten free mounted shooter! YEAH!!! My daughter has Celiac’s disease. Travel requires lots of prep at home to get ready to go. It’s not like we can go out and buy a bunch of donuts for breakfast or order a pizza or stop at a fast food restaurant on the road. She’s VERY sensitive. IF you want something that is the closest to bread and the ‘you’d never know it’s not gluten free’ pizza crust. Pick up a copy of Gluten free on a shoestring bakes bread cookbook. After 4 years of doing this, it’s the best. you can actually knead the bread and we cook our pizza crust on the grill!! Hope we can meet you at a shoot.

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