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Chocolate Monkey Truffles

Oh lordy, y’all, I made the best thing last night. Seriously. These quick-to-make truffles have a base of peanut butter and banana, smothered with chocolate. They don’t take many ingredients, and they are in handy bite-size bits. Plus they melt in your mouth and will seriously make people think you spent hours in the kitchen.  Did I mention you can make these ahead of time and freeze them, for parties? What’s not to love?

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Laura’s Famous Banana Chocolate Creme Pie

With the holidays coming up, I thought I would share my absolute favorite holiday recipe with you. I am already getting requests for this awesome winter treat, and I’m more than happy to make it for family and friends, it makes such a rich and delicious dessert! It’s my favorite because I typically have all the ingredients on hand, so I can make it without running to the store, and it yields two whole pies with a minimum of effort and a maximum of deliciousness. Also, how can you beat the presentation of a triple-layer creme pie? It makes a gorgeous addition to any holiday meal.

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